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Zanzibar's Paje Beach and its Surroundings

As a result, at certain times of the day, swimming is no longer possible. However, this retreat of the water drains algae in great quantity. You will be able to admire the spectacle of the women and the children of the village who devote themselves to the collections of these products of sea.

Paje is a village located on the east coast of the Zanzibar archipelago that provides its many visitors with a great deal of enjoyment on its seafront. Just to spend a minute on the beach of Paje, you can fly thousands of kilometers to come and discover the places. This beach is one of the most adorable in the whole area.

It lets you enjoy a beautiful and relaxing setting. So many water activities on the premises impress that at no time will you feel bored.

In order not to regret your visit to Zanzibar, you will do well by extending your exploration to at least the great sites.

Sea view rooms in Zanzibar

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    Explore the different historical sites of Zanzibar

    Blue Safari

    Departure every day from 9:00 am

    The trip to the pier takes 30 minutes, and the boat ride 1 hour. The tour starts in the village of Kizimkazi, in the south of Zanzibar, 30 minutes from the hotel. You will sail through the beautiful and unspoiled reefs of Menai Bay for an hour and a half, then drop anchor on a beautiful sandbar. There you can relax, swim or taste the local specialties!

    The sun, the white sand, the shimmering reefs: a landscape out of the ordinary.

    Prison Island

    Departure every day from 9:00 am

    The journey takes 45 minutes to Stone Town : the boat trip takes 20 minutes. Two hour tour. Formerly a slave prison and quarantine area for Zanzibar and the mainland, this island off the coast of old Stone Town is home to the giant Aldabrachelys turtles brought from the Seychelles at the end of the 19th century, some of which are more than 100 years old. This endangered species is in fact a gift from the Seychelles government. On the island, you will be able to feed and pet the turtles.

    Stone Town

    Departure every day from 9:00 am

    45 minute drive to Stone Town, two hour guided tour. Among the stops on this tour of Stone Town are many historical places : The Anglican Church, the house of a famous slave trader, the Sultan's Palace from 1911 to 1964 etc. You will walk from Tip Tippu House to the Old Fort (the oldest building in Stone Town). As you walk through the narrow streets of Stone Town, you will see the splendid architecture of the town, famous for its massive copper-ornamented gates!

    An Exceptional Kite-Surfing Destination !

    Paje Beach remains a world class kit-surfing destination. It represents the wildest of kite beaches compared to those encountered on the European continent. You will admire splendid white sands, remarkable crystal clear waters. This set still points it on the list of the beautiful beaches of our planet. Moreover, with the strength of the wind that blows on the place, you agree that everything necessary is gathered to enjoy many water sports like kit-surf! Don't hesitate to learn how to practice it if you are not an amateur. All the conditions are there for you to have a great time.

    kitesurf à Zanzibar

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