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Visit to the City of Stone

Stone Town Zanzibar

Departures: daily from 9:00 am to 11:00 am (4 hours)
From the hotel, 45 minutes drive to Stone Town, 2 hours guided tour and 45 minutes back to the hotel.

This orientation tour of Stone Town takes you on a historical tour of Zanzibar's old stone town. Selected points to visit include:

  • The Anglican Church (1874) built on the site of the old slave market.
  • The National Museum (opened in 1925).
  • Tip Tippu House with its beautiful carved door; it was the residence of a famous slave trader.
  • House of Wonders (1883).
  • Palace Museum - former residence of the Sultan (1911 - 64)

You will walk from Tippu House to the Old Fort (the oldest structure in Stone Town) 15 to 25 minutes via Kenyatta Road, the old post office and Gizenga Street.

Walking down the narrow streets of Stone Town, the tour gives the opportunity to see splendid architecture such as the miniature sample of the famous doors and chests with their studded brass decorations. There are also a variety of spices, antiques and gift stores along the way.